Parents Commitment

Leek ASC is run totally by volunteers. It is this commitment to the club that is the success of the club. We have a team of dedicated coaches and poolside helpers who give up their evenings and Saturday mornings, as well as attending Galas all for free, just for the love and satisfaction helping gives them. As well as the visible coaching team the club has a committee that keeps everything running smoothly and an enormous amount of time is given by Christine McFadden, the chair in making sure Leek ASC survives and keeps on producing great swimmers.

As a parent it isn’t expected that you get involved but it is appreciated. The club can only continue with the voluntary help, so once your child has been bitten by the swimming bug you might want to consider what you can do to help. We run or can arrange for you to attend various courses to get trained as a coach, poolside helper or one of the many rolls required at a gala, timekeeping or judging. Or you might want to take a more active role on the committee, helping or filling one of the positions. This isn’t a big commitment and normally involves a quick meeting about every two months as well as tasks your job requires. Like any voluntary organisation fundraising is a big part. The cost of running the club are large, pool hire being the biggest factor. Any fundraising goes towards the clubs running and helps keep membership fees to a minimum. Again this is an area where everyone can help.

So don’t be afraid, come and say hello and ask yourself “What can I do to help”